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Cover letter

Tips for presentation letter to Russian & Ukrainian women.

Men writing a cover letter

First of all do not be intimidated by the beauty of Russian & Ukrainian women and do not hesitate to write them because they are often the ones who receive less letters!

Once you have selected the ladies with whom you want to contact, read well their form (the best for you is to print each page).

The purpose of the presentation letter to the Slavic ladies is to get a positive response from them to continue your communication.

This cover letter must contain a part of information and part of seduction.

Two elements are to be considered: the letter and the photos you'll join.

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I) The presentation letter

We will study step by step the different parts of this first letter and mistakes to avoid:

1) The first paragraph: introduction

When writing to a Russian or Ukrainian woman that don’t know yet, write, for example, "Dear Svetlana" rather than "Hello Svetlana" and avoid sentences like:
"I found your profile on the Internet; I find you very attractive. I send you my address and a picture, I hope you want to continue to correspond with me."
Indeed, there is nothing in this phrase that is unknown to her, because she knows that if you decided to write her it is that you find her attractive, and the last thing to say is that you hope she will answer.
The first part of your letter should capture her attention. Make one or two compliments like:
"Dear Svetlana, imagine how difficult it was for me to find the first words for a letter that could change the rest of my life. Since I saw your picture and read your Internet presentation my mind is occupied by impression that you left on me. You are a lovely lady with a charming smile. "

Try to personalize your compliment (maybe the lady has a pretty red dress or she poses the on the photo with her dog). Show her you have a lot of interest to her.

2) The second paragraph: the presentation (who are you)?

The lady wants to know above all whether you are a serious person, you are not just looking for a housekeeper or you are not just a virtual friend who will never come to meet her personally. Russian (Ukrainian) women want to be in contact with mature men knowing what they want and taking their responsibility. They want to be sure you will visit them within 1-4 months if all goes well between you. Very few women continue to communicate if they think the man with whom they are in contact will not come to meet them. And very few men are moving. Russian & Ukrainian women of our marriage agency does not want to have friends: they want to meet the man of their life, their second half!!!

"I am a responsible person and when I make a decision I stand. I decided that if I was to go to Russia (Ukraine) to meet a lady like you, I’ll do it, of course. I'm sure we could better know each other if I came to meet you personally, after two or three months of good correspondence. I look for a true and lasting love, a woman with whom I can spend the rest of my life and create a united family with her. "

Give a brief description of you: date of birth, marital status, if you have children (if yes: with whom they are living), height, weight, colour of hair and eyes; and your main character traits.

3) Third paragraph: your work and your education

Be humble: do not state that you have high income if this is your case, and do not flaunt your wealth, as this is frowned upon by Russian (Slavic) women. And do not expand too much on your work: be concise, because it is a certainly important subject but rather that you will address in a future letter. Instead, use statements such as:

"I work as... I have a stable income and I am able to provide for my future family."
Evoke briefly your education.

4) Fourth paragraph: family

Do not talk about your past failures, there is no place for it in a presentation letter, be positive and reassuring; expose your conception of the family, expectations regarding the qualities of the lady who wants to start a family with you.

5) Fifth paragraph: your interests

Take care to mix the description of your hobbies with some questions, ladies sometimes have difficulty to know what to answer to your letter; write such sentences like these:

"My hobbies are varied. I love travelling, but I've never been in Ukraine. Do you travel?"

"I love to drive bike, do you have bike license? Do you like to walk on bike?" "Do you like sports? I run every day, I want to stay in a good shape".

Take care to inform yourself about the country of the lady, it will save you from making a blunder, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, you’ll make a good impression on the lady.

General advice on the letter of introduction:

a) The length of your cover letter should not exceed one page.

b) Personalize your letter: give your whole attention to the keywords used by the lady in her profile

c) Avoid topics conducive to controversy

d) Do not try to say too much things, it’s a presentation letter, not a biography

e) Try to write your letter with a typewriter or a computer with a word processor to make it more easily readable.

f) From one to three months of correspondence are sufficient, pass this period correspondence falls into banality ( "what's the weather in Russia") and the simple exchange of jokes. There will be time for you to arrange the meeting with the lady in her country.

g) Do not forget to make copies of letters you send, it will be very useful in case you correspond with several ladies at the same time.

II) Photos

Photos are a very important part of your first contact: do you choose to write to a lady without seeing her photo? The ladies are not different from you on that point!

1) Send preferably 2-4 photos of you: from head to foot, showing your face. Preferably send a photo in costume and another in casual wear.

2) Avoid absolutely to send pictures representing you with your beautiful car, your beautiful home or a photo taken in the company of friends during a drunken night out if you do not want your letter to go directly to the trash.

3) SMILE on your photos!!!

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