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Marina Fedorova - Director of matrimonial agency

Matchmaking agency: dating with serious Russian & Ukrainian women

Created in January 2000, Inter-Marriage is today one of the oldest international matrimonial agency in the world, 24 years of experience!

You can check by yourself the seriousness of Inter-Marriage agency and measure your chances of success: before each membership I offer a free trial period without obligation on your part.  

My name is Marina Fedorova and I am the director of Inter-Marriage agency. I have acquired a great experience in the field of international dating & marriage. You'll get the right advice at the right time. You'll have the maximum chances to succeed your union with a Russian or Ukrainian woman

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All the profiles of Russian women and Ukrainian women registered in my serious matchmaking agency are carefully checked directly in their countries of origin (in Russia and Ukraine) by my local partner agencies. I do not accept "direct" registration from Slavic women who do not go through my partner agencies, because it’s impossible to verify the identity and real motivations of a person by a simple email or by a phone call. It is very easy to falsify a passport scan. I receive daily messages and photos from women from Eastern Europe who ask me to register them in my marriage agency: I answer them that without the usual checks in the city where they live via my partner agencies I can’t respond favorably to their request.

All Russian & Ukrainian women registered with my dating agency must pass a one-on-one interview with the directors of my partner agencies in Russia and Ukraine and show the originals of their identity documents as well as proof that they are not already married. Then, each Slavic woman undertakes by signing a contract with Inter-Marriage agency

It is very tempting for a matchmaking agency to give in to ease and work without partner agencies established in the countries of origin of women from Eastern Europe, by recruiting Russian or Ukrainian women via direct ads on the Internet, but the rate of false or scam profiles then significantly higher. I refuse this kind of methods!

Inter-Marriage is an agency established in France strictly complies with the law governing French marriage agencies. This law is primarily intended to protect the rights of members of these agencies. It is a guarantee of seriousness that cannot bring you the marriage or dating agencies based abroad.

My anti-scam guide (known worldwide as one of the fullest in this field) tells you what the pitfalls to avoid in your search for a soul mate in Russia or Ukraine.

There are also many free articles on our website which will give you valuable information about the mentality of Russian women and the mistakes to avoid in your quest for a solid and long lasting union.

If you want to succeed in your union with a Russian or Ukrainian woman through a serious, trustful and experienced marriage agency, then you have come to the right place!

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