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E-mail Service: fast, sure and effective!

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Communication by e-mail in the marriage agency

If you have carefully read my anti-scam guide you know that you should never send money to Russian or Ukrainian women with whom you correspond. You also know that mail delivery in Eastern Europe is very long and it is better to communicate by e-mail rather than by post.

If you wish to communicate by e-mail with a Russian or Ukrainian woman without sending money, you must use the services of an Eastern European dating agency that fulfils two conditions: the agency must be total honesty and foolproof efficiency.

I have personally selected Russian or Ukrainian marriage agencies that can fulfil both these conditions. Each of these dating agencies have contracted with me to respect step by step several procedures to provide each of my members a very high quality of service.
Indeed, each marriage agency undertakes not only to send your e-mail to your Russian or Ukrainian correspondent, but also to translate your letter from English to Russian, then to translate the letter of response from your correspondent from Russian to English!

 Free Trial in Inter-Marriage agency

Let things be clear: I do not take any commission on the e-mail service charges! Hence the extremely low price of 30 euros (35$) per month (and per lady) for unlimited e-mail correspondence including English-Russian translations. This service is usually charged between 50 euros and 80 euros per month in other dating agencies.

The speed of communication between you and your Slavic correspondent has a big importance because if the Russian or Ukrainian woman communicates with several men, she will very often prefer the man who sent her more messages. If you have sent 10 e-mails in two months to a Slavic lady while another man has sent her only two letters, it's easy to predict the choice of the Eastern European woman as to which man she will wish to meet. 

The same for translations: if your letter is translated into Russian it will have a 100% chance of being read. Few Russian and Ukrainian women know how to write in English correctly (see page "Myths and Facts"): the translation of her letter from Russian to English made through this e-mail service will allow your correspondent lady to write an answer in a much shorter time than if she had to translate her letter into English by herself. 

Here is how the e-mail service works:

1) You send me by e-mail your letter for the Russian or Ukrainian woman. Your letter must not exceed the size of an A4 page.

2) I send your e-mail to one of my partner agencies present in the city where the woman lives (in Russia or Ukraine).

3) This partner agency translates your letter from English to Russian so that the Russian or Ukrainian woman understands your letter perfectly.

4) The partner agency sends your letter to the slavic woman: either by e-mail, or prints it and gives it in person.

5) The Russian or Ukrainian woman writes her answer in Russian and sends it by e-mail (or brings it) to my partner agency, which translates the letter into English in order to send it to you by e-mail.

You have 2 types of services to choose from: 

1) Unlimited communication package = 30 Euros (35$) per month for each Russian or Ukrainian woman you want to contact through this e-mail service, and for a period of one month. The number of letters is unlimited in two directions. Each letter must not exceed the size of an A4 page & you can attach maximum 2 photos per letter. This price includes sending your e-mail to Slavic woman of your choice as well as sending her answers directly to your e-mail address.

2) Limited communication package, payment for each letter: 1 round trip = 6 euros (7$) (letter + answer). Each letter must not exceed the size of an A4 page & you can attach maximum 2 photos per letter. Plus 1 euro extra for each photo attached to the letter if you send more than 2 photos per letter.

Whatever your choice, please know that thanks to the exclusive partnership established between Inter-Marriage agency and my partner agencies, I managed to negotiate for you an important guarantee:

The first letter sent by e-mail to the Russian or Ukrainian woman of your choice (and the photos attached, within the limit of 2 photos) and the response of this woman are free! This is so that you can judge the relevance of continuing to correspond or not with this Slavic lady according to her answer.

And now, you can send the second free letter to Slavic ladies of your choice (among those who have already answered you). And you will receive, of course, their answers for free.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

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