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The First Encounter with a Russian/Ukrainian Woman
(by Marina Fedorova)

After having matched with a Russian / Ukrainian woman online, there comes that exciting moment when she wants to meet you.

This electrifying encounter will set the very first foundations of your new relationship…

In this chapter, we will answer significant questions such as;

- Where should we meet?
- What should I bring with me if I am the one moving?
- How do I behave?
- How do I receive essential travel information?
- What are the next steps of our encounter?

1) Where to meet?

Do not forget, it is not too easy for a Russian woman to travel to Western Europe, for both economical (the price of a plane ticket is expensive compared to the purchasing parity of in Russia) and administrative reasons. (obtaining a visa is quite difficult for a Russian girl) Traveling with a tourist visa in Western Europe is possible, but it is crucial to organize appropriately. In the case that your Russian partner lives far from your country’s embassy she may need to have a two-day train ride. Bear in mind that Russia is the biggest country in the world comprising 9 different time zones. For instance, if she lives in Vladivostok she would need to go to Moscow (4 day train-ride).

My Advice: For your first encounter, it is better for you to travel to Eastern Europe, in her own country! It will not be difficult for you to obtain a visa, and you will comfort your partner by making her feel safe, close to her friends and family: you will thus treat her with the respect she deserves.

2) What should I take with me?

You can buy your companion small gifts such as perfume, brand cosmetics (mascara, powders, creams etc ...).

Do not forget to bring something for the family as well (It is the thought that counts: chocolate, Champaign, wine, or anything from your country of origin would be a humble gesture) and toys for the children if any.

My advice: If you arrive in Eastern Europe you can buy flowers. In fact, yellow flowers are a sign of farewell and sadness in Eastern Europe. Remember; however, that the quantity of flowers must be odd and must not be equal to 13.

3) How do I behave?

I have two advices to give you:

- Most importantly, act natural and show him or her that you are down to Earth.

- Do not compare Russia to your country. Russians do not have the same Western mentality: Having a nice car or the latest television will be less important to them than having true friends on whom they can count on or on having a closely fitted family. Owning a microwave, nice car or a big screen TV is common in Western Europe, but might be an unaffordable luxury in Russia. Avoid such jokes on the standards of living in Russia during your conversation to avoid any offensive comments or insulting comments.

I would also like to point out that Russians may not smile unless there is a specific reason (More on this topic in a few weeks). Don’t worry though, the lack of smiles does not mean that you will not be accommodated with respect and sincerity by your companion’s family.

4) Your Travel Plans

To establish a constructive conversation with your mate, it is crucial to have a translator at your disposal. Your accommodation will have a significant influence on your encounter:
Reserve a comfortable hotel or apartment, and make sure they have a chauffeur service to facilitate your commute around the country. A personal contact; hired by your agency, is also necessary to help with any obstacles you may encounter, or if you simply need travel information (restaurants, places to visit, etc…) Remember, the tiniest of details in such meetings are important. (See our section; Travel)

My Advice: Agencies often offer more comfortable, spacious, and well-serviced hotels in Eastern Europe. Chose this option for cheaper prices, and convenient locations (downtown, or close to public transportation): do not hesitate to seek information to compare different offers.

5) Next Steps After First Encounter

If all goes well after your first date you should consider either inviting your companion to France or traveling again to their country. The second meeting will determine if you are made for each other and if you want to spend the rest of your lives together: At first your companion may have to bear the consequences of your decision such as leaving behind her family, friends, job, and native land ... Of course, she knew this day would come and that one day she will marry a foreign man and move to a foreign country. At this point; however, she may be having doubts about taking such a significant step in her life: it is important for you to let her know that she has your total support: clearly explain to her that you will always do your best to ensure frequent visits to her family. Make sure to discuss the conditions of your future lives in Western Europe.

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