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The Secrets of a Russian / Ukrainian Woman
(by Marina Fedorova)

1) The Secret way to get a response to your letters: What does she think of your letters?

1.If you happen to send her a postal mail, it would be wise to include a free reply coupon. Girls would take this as a sign of attention. They will be more motivated to respond, and will do so at a quicker rate.
2. Make sure to have your letters translated. Russian Women generally have a good level of education and speak at least one foreign languages (Often English, and Rarely French).  However, she may not use these skills in her everyday life and would thus rarely have the opportunity to put them to practice. Reading a letter in English would take her quite a long time, especially if she receives several letters all at once. It is thus not certain that she will have the time to read all your letters. A letter in Russian; however, will certainly be read. Also, regarding her response, it would take her almost a full day (around 7 to 8 hours) to write a two-page letter.
 3. Explain to her undoubtedly that your intensions are serious and that you wish to travel to her county in the coming months to see her. In fact, only 5% of Western men who contact Russian Women end up deciding to meet their companion: After having been disappointed from previous men who had not been serious, Russian Women have grown suspicious.

2) The Secrets of Seducing your Companion: what makes them fall for you instead of someone else?
- Russian Women  love it when men are persistent: write to her often and if possible, send her a different photo of yourself each time.
- Call her from time to time; with the help of a translator, if necessary: this will show her the compassion that you have for her, and she will indeed be touched: As a matter of fact, few men call their companions overseas, either because of the language barrier, or due to fear of disturbing them: the few people who are considerate enough to higher an interpreter are highly appreciated.
- Should you need anything, it is always wise to ask her directly without sending mixed signals and with a substantial amount of courtesy.
Russians often have a decent level of higher education and are proud of their history and traditions. However, they lack what Westerners call decent manners: this does not mean that they are rude nor indecent, rather they have a more intense way of communication which may offend a Westerner: that’s because life in Russia is not too easy and Russians often express their ideas in quite direct ways: frequently when they are in a call, they do not waste time on small talk such as “Hi, how are you” but instead jump straight to the point: they are not impolite, it is just their way of going through life.
 The secret: Russian Women often lack self-confidence and dwell on feeling secure: they will end up choosing the man who has enough courage to visit them abroad and who will insist and be determined to win their heart:  they need to be persuaded with certainty: remember, her top priority is to find someone who will provide her security and love her unconditionally!! Being too handsome or too talented may actually reduce your chances of success due to the fact that Russian Women  are not too self-confident and will think that you would be exposed to so much temptation by other women that you would not be able to resist!!

3) The secrets of a successful communication: what does she think of foreigners? What clichés does she have in mind about Western men?

1. Foreigners often smile for no apparent reason.
There’s an old saying in Russia that declares: "smiling without a reason, is a symptom of mental illness". In Russia, you need a valid reason to smile: if you smile often, people will either have the impression that you are mentally challenged, that you are making fun of them, or that you are being insincere.
 The fact that Russians do not smile too much in their everyday lives does not mean that they do not have a sense of humor but simply that they would not smile without reason and even less to tourists. They have a different sense of humor and are indeed different: they often prefer lighter jokes, which have a more indirect sense of humor. They would never laugh if a passerby stumbles in front of them, they think of modern Western comedy as stupid (such as teenage American comedy) and the laughter in the background of the sitcoms irritates them. When someone tells a joke, he says it in a sheer serious tone seconds before exploding with laughter with his friends during the final bit: to understand this kind of humor to the fullest, one must see great Russian comedians in action and realize how the whole audience bursts of laughter while maintaining a serious monotone.
Russians have a certain sense of self-deprecation, and thus appreciate jokes related to such Russian lifestyle.
2. Foreigners are Arrogant:
Russians often have less self-confidence than Westerners and are thus more sensitive to the criticism of their country.
Most Russians do not totally realize the difference between the standards of living in the West and of theirs: they do not consider their lives as miserable!! Russians often think that life in the West is inhumane and boring despite the fanciest cars and most luxurious houses. Russians like to bear their moral values to sincerity, understanding and communication and claim that they are not as materialistic as people in Western civilization: they will suggest their traits of "mystery" and "specificity" of the Slavic soul. Russians are compassionate about their country; they may frequently criticize their country but if you try to do the same, they will get strongly defensive: they feel proud to be citizens of the biggest country in the world.
3. Foreigners who are looking to marry Russians wish to have an obedient housewife who will take care of the children and look after the house as a “house maid”. Many of them are not what they claim to be and some are even sexual maniacs.
The Russian media is very judgmental when it comes to the subject of Russian Women  wishing to leave their country to marry a Westerner and rarely reveals the positive aspects of this phenomenon: they would most probably broadcast a story of an American or European husband who had somehow assassinated his Russian wife all of a sudden after a successful marriage of a poor happy couple.
Friendly advice, avoid sexual topics when writing your letters, and make sure that you merely seek a wife and not a house maid.    
Make them understand that you are a disciplined man and mention to her the truth about why you have intentions with an Eastern European woman. Because think about it, if you ask yourself why these beautiful and intelligent girls wish to leave their country to marry a foreigner such as yourself, don’t you think that they too will wonder why a Westerner who is attractive and well rooted in his professional career wishes to marry a Russian woman!? Russian men are often stubborn and have the roles of a womanizer, because for these gentlemen, having a high score of sexual relations with various women demonstrates their manhood and their dignity. Russian Women seldom tolerate these traits and have little or no patience when it comes to disloyalty from their companion. If you are 26 years old, and still haven’t had any sexual relationship with a girl then Russian women will think that you have a huge problem (psychological or physical) and will run away from you like a bird: it is best to first avoid this topic and leave this little secret for a more intimate evening with your partner.
4. A single positive cliché concerning Western men which is the key driver in some young Russian girls motivating them to leave their country and marry a foreigner:
Western men are honest, serious, sincere, amicable, and do not drink too much, nor do abuse their wives, but rather take care of their children. Life in Western Europe is more stable and safe.
 Currently Russian women are not necessarily interested in the special qualities of a Western man. Instead, they just need a “normal” person with a well-balanced lifestyle which for them means a man having a good education and a stable job, who is ambitious and does not drink. Which does not sound too bad does it!?

4) The Secrets of how to avoid offending her: Russian Women and sex
Sex is hardly ever a topic in Russia and is seldom discussed amongst friends. Russian magazines; in contrast to their Western counterparts, rarely publish articles regarding this topic. This absolutely does not mean that Russians do not enjoy sex nor are they ashamed of all the sexual pleasures one relishes during sex. It just so happens to be that they do not speak of it.
 Russians do not regularly express their affection in public: kisses and caresses will have to take place in a more private place. This is why the girl may be surprised to read that some foreign gentlemen wishes to kiss her and hold her hand: she will think that you are sexual maniac.
In Russian culture, it is a bad idea to talk about sex with a woman before it has “naturally” occurred. Russian partners do not discuss their sexual expectations with their counterparts: instead, these types of conversations are done through intuition and in a more subtle matter rather than through a discussion.

Once you are married, your wife will not hesitate to talk to you about such matters, after all it is only logical since this is a subject to be considered between two people in an intimate relationship. In conclusion, the vast majority of Western men who are married to Russian women agree that there is no significant difference between Russian and European women when it comes to sexual matters!!!

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