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Marina Fedorova: Director of Inter-Marriage Matchmaking Agency

Marina Fedorova: Director of the Matchmaking Agency Inter-Marriage

Expertise in Serious Dating

I'm Marina Fedorova, the founder and director of Inter-Marriage Matchmaking Agency since January 2000. With over 24 years of experience specializing in serious dating, I've successfully helped numerous Western men find their life partners among Russian and Ukrainian women. My dedication and passion for creating lasting and happy relationships have earned me a trusted reputation in international dating.

Originally from Sebastopol, Crimea, I moved to France in 1999 and now live in Toulon, Var. My journey in international dating began at 19 when I worked as a translator, consultant, and manager in a Sebastopol-based international dating agency. Alongside, I pursued studies in economics, laying a strong academic foundation. In 2022, I completed a Master's degree in Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing, further enhancing my professional qualifications.

After arriving in France, I founded Inter-Marriage, a matrimonial agency that I have passionately and devotedly led for over two decades, helping hundreds of couples form and thrive. My commitment to the success of international relationships and the satisfaction of my clients remains unwavering.

Deep Understanding of Human Relationships

In France, I encountered negative stereotypes about Slavic women that portray them as submissive or undemanding, which don't align with reality. Through Inter-Marriage, many Russian and Ukrainian women have found love and marriage with French and Western men. To counter these stereotypes, I maintain a sincere, honest, and respectful approach with all members of my agency. Each matchmaking experience is unique, as I strive to understand individual needs and expectations to foster balanced and harmonious relationships.

I am committed to restoring the dignity of Russian and Ukrainian women who choose to build families abroad. My personal background and professional experience have given me a profound understanding of human relationships, especially between Western and Slavic cultures. Recognizing the complexity of this decision for Western men, I offer steadfast support and expert guidance throughout every stage of their journey, ensuring relationships are built on mutual respect and genuine love.

Personalized Guidance for Your Life Project

I understand that forming a family with a Slavic woman is a significant and complex decision. Therefore, I offer personalized services with a sincere and honest approach at every step of this journey. My goal is to prevent disappointment by providing insightful advice and tailored methods to help you realize your life goals. Each client receives dedicated support, where every detail is meticulously considered to ensure the success of their relationship.

To allow you to assess the effectiveness of my matchmaking agency's services, I offer a free and non-binding evaluation period. This opportunity allows you to gauge your compatibility with women registered at Inter-Marriage and experience the quality of my guidance firsthand. Through this evaluation, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Inter-Marriage's functioning and appreciate the seriousness and professionalism of my matrimonial agency.


Marina Fedorova
Director of Inter-Marriage Matchmaking Agency

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