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Advantages of our matrimonial agency

Strengths of Inter-Marriage agency

Fedorova Marina

Inter-Marriage agency was created in January 2000 by a Russian woman (Marina Fedorova) who married a French man. Passionate about her profession and with a perfect knowledge of unions between Western men and Russian and Ukrainian women, she will give you all the necessary advice to ensure the success of your future relationship. Marina Fedorova has formerly worked in an Ukrainian marriage agency, was a member of an American international dating service, and is now the Director of her own marriage agency in France: who better than she knows all the ins and outs (and pitfalls to avoid) in the building of a happy international couple?

Year 2000

Knowing that international marriage agencies are "mushrooming" and the majority of them are closing the door after a few months, it is better to go to a dating agency as established and prosperous as Inter-Marriage, which began in 2000 and has earned a strong reputation for its reliability and the quality of its services.

Free Trial

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While many dating sites make you pay for access to information about members as well as for advice about forming a successful union with a woman from Eastern Europe, Inter-Marriage provides free and open access to its many site sections detailing what pitfalls to avoid in the relationship with Slavic ladies as well as the different aspects of the Slavic character of Russian & Ukrainian women


You have full access to a free, searchable database of Slavic Ladies (with several photos per lady). Do not hesitate to visit our site regularly, as our database is constantly updated. Several new profiles of women from Russia and Ukraine are posted on our website every week.


Each membership is strictly monitored. The profiles of Slavic women on the site are checked and controlled (contracts with Inter-Marriage, records, identification): all the ladies are serious and motivated in their search for a soul mate. Women in a relationship or who are no longer interested in the services of a dating & marriage agency are immediately removed from the site.


Anti-Scam Guide (recognized worldwide as one of the most comprehensive of its kind) tell you what traps to avoid.


You can freely consult all sections of this site, including the profiles of Eastern European women subscribing to the agency. You are not required to give any personal information in order to access the site. You do not have to worry about being subsequently harassed by salespeople who are more interested in your money than in the success of your relationship.

Start your Free Trial

Before registering, you will have a free trial period with no obligation to our services, you can find more details on the "Membership" page. You will start the trial period by selecting 10-15 Slavic women; Inter-Marriage then sends you the ladies’ responses (within 10-14 days). After receiving their answers, you will know whether or not  the ladies want to communicate with you. Only then will you decide whether to join Inter-Marriage.


Marina Fedorova will personally answer all your questions by e-mail: (7 days a week) or by phone +33954610727 (French time; Monday-Friday 7:30-8:30 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.).

After the end of your membership, Inter-Marriage remains at your service: you will receive advice and guidance about the arrival of your future Slavic wife to your home, the paperwork to be done, the steps to get married etc ...

Office manager

Offices are located in Russia and Ukraine (equipped with computers with Internet, Skype, telephones). Professional counselors on site are responsible for monitoring your account and quickly transmitting your messages to Russian & Ukrainian ladies - members of our Matchmaking agency.


We aid in organizing your trip and personalizing your experience with high quality services (guide-interpreter, driver, hotel or luxury apartment, dating & meetings with Russian & Ukrainian women etc ...) in close collaboration with our partners in Russia and Ukraine at a price defying any competition.

Personalized Service

Inter-Marriage offers a personal search service that allows you to multiply your chances of success with the refined selection of Russian & Ukrainian women subscribed in our agency: you will be contacted by the beautiful Slavic women of the agency who match your search criteria. With this service, the Eastern European women will make the first step!

Videos of Slavic Women

Inter-Mariage is one of the few dating & marriage agencies in the world to present videos (free of charge) of dozens of Russian & Ukrainian ladies - members of our Matchmaking agency.

e-mail service

Email service: when you know that a letter by post takes three weeks to arrive from USA to Russia or Ukraine and has a one in five chance of getting lost, it is better to communicate by email.  100% of our members have access to the Internet, either through their own means or, most commonly, with the help of one of our partner agencies in Eastern Europe. This is an additional service and fee, for more information click here.

Skype service

Currently few dating agencies offer a videoconference service (Skype) to their members. Only honest matchmaking agencies, who regularly update their database of Russian and Ukrainian women, can offer such kind of service.

Videoconferencing avoids the famous "surprise effect" that the man feels when he meets his beloved for the first time. Video communication by Skype will allow you to see Slavic women as they are in everyday life and you will avoid to forge an image too "ideal" and far from reality.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

E-mail: (7 days a week)

Tel: +33954610727 (French time; Monday-Friday 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.)

Address: INTER-MARIAGE, 99 Avenue Estienne d'Orves, 83500, La Seyne sur Mer, France

SIREN: 433086204

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