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Videoconference by Skype

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Dating online by video with beautiful woman

Currently, there are very few dating agencies offering videoconferencing service to their members, and contrary to what they could tell you, this is not a technical problem (those who think that Russian or Ukrainian dating agencies do not are not able to have a computer and a webcam probably never put their feet in Russia or Ukraine). In fact, only honest dating agencies (see my anti-scam guide on the chapter on "fake" correspondence), regularly updating their database of profiles of Russian & Ukrainian women, can offer such service.

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Video communication by Skype is a guarantee of additional confidence in the dating agency that offers it. This agency must be absolutely honest because videoconferencing is indeed an excellent tool to fight against different types of scams:
- Exit scams with false profiles (crooks pretending to be Slavic women by publishing on the Internet photos retrieved from magazines or Internet). Thanks to this service you see directly the Russian or Ukrainian woman with whom you correspond; and if, when you start videoconferencing, you see a big moustache appear on your screen, there is a problem concerning your romantic correspondence with the beautiful blonde Tatiana. Of course the scammer will never accept a videoconference. Only marriage agencies, which are certain to have no "bad apples" among their profiles of Slavic women, offer videoconferencing.
- This service is, of course, not offered by dishonest agencies that rip off their members by making them pay a false correspondence (agencies responding to the place of ladies, which are not even being aware that a Western man has written to them, and this in order to charge the gentleman a maximum of mail exchanges). You will know quickly by talking with the Russian or Ukrainian woman that you see on the screen if it is she who wrote you the letters you received and if she is aware that you sent her letters.

Videoconferencing also avoids the famous "surprise" that the gentleman feels when he meets his beloved Slavic woman for the first time; although the photos give you a useful information about the physical appearance of Slavic women with whom you communicate, you must know that Russian and Ukrainian women are increasingly using professional photography studios to obtain photos of irreproachable quality. That often give an image of the Russian & Ukrainian women much more flattering than "natural" photos. That's why there is the "surprise" mentioned above when the gentleman sees the woman for the first time: it happens sometimes that the gentleman does not even recognize his sweetheart! Videoconferencing will allow you to see Slavic women as they are in everyday life and you will avoid forging a picture too "ideal" and remote from reality.

This service costs in average 1 Euro/minute (depending on partner agencies), so 30 euros (35$) for 30 minutes of videoconference.

To find out which Russian and Ukrainian women can make an appointment for a videoconference, please refer to our marriage agency search engine and check the "videoconference" box to view the Slavic women concerned.

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