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Most of our ladies speak, write and read in English, but we highly recommend the use of our translator due to the differences in culture and structure of language. Many sentences that you write will sound correct to you but can possibly mean something completely different to the lady. The same goes for the lady writing to you. Your translator will convert your letter into her native language changing the structure of your letter to read correct to her. We do not add or remove anything that will affect the context of your letter. We make the letter easier and more pleasing for her.

one text page:
- regular time response - $20
- rapid time response - $30

multiple text pages:
- regular time response - $0.05/word
- rapid time response - $0.08/word


Now on to the context of your letter.

The first letter that you write shouldn't be too long. Maybe one and a half to two pages should suffice. Make sure you mention the interests that she has in her profile, especially the ones that truly interest you. Remember, this letter should be very personal, about her only. It shouldn't sound like a form letter, a letter that you would send to many ladies, just changing the lady's name. Say for instance she has a child and you are interested in a complete family let her know that. Remember she will be very concerned for her child and she would want to hear something from you about having a family. Try not to write about controversial topics like politics or religion. These topics can be discussed further down the line. Also avoid writing about your good or bad past relationships, this is not the place or time to be writing about this. Think of this first letter like a first date. Think of all the things you might tell a lady about yourself or ask of her on a first date. Send her a picture of yourself. It should be current and only have you in the picture. The follow up letters will be much easier to write since you already broke the ice. We recommend that calling your lady should be done after a few letters. Most of the ladies would feel a bit nervous if you called just after the first or second letter. You could always ask her if she would mind receiving a call from you. Each situation is different.

Remember, your first letter is translated for free with your membership. Additional letters are priced competitively.

We hope the information above helps you with your first letter, but remember, as a member, help is only a call away.

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