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KEYS TO SUCCESS (your future relationship with a Russian woman) (by Marina Fedorova)


That's it, your decision is made, you have decided to seek your heart’s desire in Eastern Europe.


You know that this search will be littered with obstacles, but you are confident that to attract a Russian woman you need to be carefully advised in order to avoid making mistakes that could be fatal to your relationship. When two people of different cultures and countries meet in order to start a family it is best to avoid any "faux pas" so that there are no misunderstandings.


You made the right choice by choosing Inter-Marriage. Want to know why?


Simply, because I know from experience what to expect when Russian women and Western men meet. Before successfully creating Inter-Marriage agency in early 2000, I myself received hundreds of letters from Western gentlemen when I published my profile with a large international dating agency that sells the addresses of Ukrainian girls on a website. My address was sold hundreds of times. My profile was one of the most requested profiles by gentlemen. I was a "selling face" meaning, a profile that sells many addresses, enabling the US Agency that published my profile to rake in huge amounts of money.


I was contacted by gentlemen of various countries with very interesting profiles: smart, crazy in love with me, great job etc ... I was mentally prepared to leave my country for a first meeting in the US or Italy, where the two gentlemen lived for whom I had the most feelings. I was far from suspecting that the man I would fall for was actually in France ...


In 1999, when the man who would become my husband a few months later contacted me through a Franco-Russian marriage agency, he had no idea that I was so popular on the Internet. He had not had access to the Internet at the time. He instinctively knew how to seduce me during our correspondence and when we first met; he avoided the mistakes made by other men who contacted me in the past.

We got married after only 3 months of intense correspondence and 2 months of living together. We have been in love ever since.


I know well what errors men generally make (either in correspondence or during the meeting) and what Russian women truly expect. It is the goal of this book to reveal what Russian women really want and how to give it to them. This information is crucial. That's why I have chosen to only give this book to the members of my agency and not to publish it online for free like many other pages of information displayed on my site. There are indeed "seduction techniques" that work perfectly with Russian women, but very few men know these techniques.

The purpose of this book is to explain the different steps in finding your future wife in Eastern Europe; for each step I will give you lots of vital information for your success, with concrete examples and easy tips to put into practice.


Note that I do not ask you to pretend or to "invent" a personality. You just need to tweak your approach in the search for the woman of your life. You can seduce a Russian woman in the manner she wants while remaining honest and sincere.

What is the recipe for success? I'll explain everything. After reading this section and applying my advice, you will maximize your chances of success with Russian women :-)


This book reveals all the information, tips, and secrets about Russian women and how to seduce them. My experience with romantic relationships between Russian women and Western men will help you succeed as a couple. In fact, when I was an employee of a Ukrainian marriage agency I discovered the advantages and disadvantages of the various possible ways to contact Russian women for a union. Later, when I was in search of the man of my dreams in a large international agency and received hundreds of letters from Western gentlemen, I discovered what errors Western men regularly make and why many of them are unable to find the love of their life in Russia. I explain in my book why Western men make these mistakes and what to do instead. You'll have a big advantage over other men trying to seduce the same woman as you.


Since creating Intermarriage in early 2000, I have listened carefully to the marriage requests of many Russian women: I know exactly what they expect from their future husband from western Europe and HOW they wish to receive what they WANT.


These three combined experiences are a powerful source of detailed and vital information for the success of your relationship. And I want to share all this information with you.


Many dating agencies which sell the addresses of Russian women do not wish to disclose certain information because they have do not want their customers to find the love of their life too quickly. This is because the more time the customer puts into finding his beloved, the more money these agencies gain. It's as simple as that. These agencies usually give you some trivial and vague information that is not very useful for you. What I offer in my book is a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy for finding your future wife in Russia. This strategy will make you irresistible to any Russian woman, and help you avoid scams and gold diggers.


I know what impresses most Russian women, and what makes them run away. I am ready to reveal everything to you. I know why some men manage to seduce a beautiful Russian woman and why others do not. Want to know what makes the difference? I'll tell you, with concrete examples and practical and easy-to-follow tips. I reveal in this book what Russian women dream of and how to satisfy them.


Every really motivated Western man who wants to start a family with a Russian woman can successfully find the woman of his dreams in Eastern Europe if he knows what to do and if he fulfills the desires of Russian women. But in fact, Western men only guess, they do not really know the keys to succeed. Most men are entirely unaware of the various effective seduction techniques. You will know what to do to seduce her, and what her reactions will be; you will know how to react to her actions; you will know how to make her crazy about you and be the man of her dreams.


You can find a beautiful, honest, and education woman in Eastern Europe who really wants to start a family. I explain in this book how to find and seduce the woman of your life!


Why should you trust me? Why will my book be more interesting and instructive than all the items already published on my site or on the sites of other competing agencies? The main reason is the fact that I have been married since 1999 to a Frenchman (my marriage is a great success), and at the same time I run one of the largest international marriage agencies in Europe. In terms of a French-Russian couple, I speak from successful experience. I managed to accomplish what many people want: to create a happy and stable family, and a loving and lasting marriage. I have helped hundreds of men and women create a happy family. What experience do these other people have who wish to advise you in finding the love of your life in Russia? At present many people on the internet say they are "experts in international sentimental relations;”  are these people married to a foreign person? For how long? In other words would you want financial investment advice from someone who is banned from banking? Would you hire the services of a nanny whose children are dirty and poorly educated? Would you bring your car to a garage where the cars break down?

When it's time to search for love in Russia, people suddenly appear from all sides to give you advice and opinions, regardless of their experience in the field of international relationships or the success of their own relationships. Most of these people believe that simply having searched for their spouses abroad on the Internet for a few months is enough to make them "experts" in the field. Perhaps some information can be gleaned from these words of wisdom to help you avoid making mistakes, but if you are looking for crucial information from someone who has achieved all her dreams and who has helped hundreds of others to achieve their dreams of a happy and strong family, my book is for you!


This book will explain the values and beliefs Russian women are truly committed to. You will know what they are really looking for, why and how to attract their attention. I'm not saying that all Russian women are the same (of course it would be wrong), I will explain how they are different from each other and how to use these differences to your advantage.


Here is exactly what the book will do for you:


- Change your vision of Internet dating

- Explain what you need to know before contacting Russian women if you do not want your search to be unsuccessful

- Help you understand what Russian women REALLY want, why they want this or that, and how you can give them.

- Give you a huge advantage in the "competition" with other men who want to seduce the same Russian woman as you

- Show you where to look for the woman in your life

- Explain how to write letters that will receive 8 positive responses out of 10

- Give concrete examples of letters that will make your Russian correspondent crazy about you ...

- Explain how to make such a favorable impression with your correspondent that in her eyes you'll be the only man she wants and thinks about

- Show you how to select the woman that suits you best among all the beautiful Russian girls who want to be with you

- Reveal how to know if the interest of your Russian correspondent is genuine

- Detail how to successfully build your relationship from the first letter of introduction to marriage

- Explain what Russian women fear and how to manage it

- Show you the way through the maze of the Russian "game of seduction"

- Teach you to avoid blunders that can unwittingly destroy your relationship with her

- Explain the best way to arrange your meeting

- reveal the main mistakes made by Western men that make their Russian correspondents run away

- Show you what a Russian woman expects while being wooed

- Teach you what you need to know about buying gifts for your beloved and shopping with Russian women

- Explain when and how you can make your marriage proposal to your loved one

- Give practical advice on what you should or should not do during every stage of your search, from beginning to end to ensure your SUCCESS.

- Touch on every aspect of the search for an intelligent, honest, and physically attractive Russian woman and how to completely succeed in this search


From the first chapter to the last, reading this book will captivate you. I won’t give you theoretical or complex guidelines, but rather simple, practical, and effective advice. If you are looking for the love of your life in Russia, you will understand after reading this book why you would not have succeeded without it!


The information in this book is unique and you will not find it anywhere else. This book can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful search for the love of your life in Russia. Russian and Western cultures are different: instead of letting these differences make your search difficult you can learn how to use these differences to your advantage with my book.


What would an unsuccessful meeting in Russia with your correspondent cost you? Have you thought about that? This book greatly increases your chances of success.


If Russian women remain a mystery for you, then you will find the answers to your questions in this book.


I know you are very eager to discover the information contained in this book, you feel that this book is incredibly useful and valuable to your search based on what I have told you in the few lines above.

This book is available FREE to members of my agency. Each member (present or future) of my agency will receive a confidential access code to access this eBook and will be able to consult it, free, and without any restrictions! This book, or rather bombshell, of information is just waiting for you. It will bring you success in your future relationship. You are just a mouse click away from your new life! CLICK HERE

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