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Client comments

Dear Madame,
When I decided to enter your agency I was a bit skeptical since many marriage agencies and dating clubs promise you the world and exciting deals only to make money. But they are not really interested in their clients. Unexpectedly, thanks to your serious attitude toward my interests and your professional skills, I met my fiancee in such short time. As result of her 1 week visit to France we decided to live together and we are going to marry soon. It took no more than 4 letters to make my dreams become a true reality. Victoria and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for us. I will allow you to use my letter for promotion of your agency. I would like to recommend "INTER-MARRIAGE" to all the men who are tired of being fooled by the so called "specialists" who really only want your wallet.

Sincerely, Thierry
Dear Madam,
Back in October, before I joined "INTER-MARRIAGE" I've searched through many different marriage agencies. I chose your agency for 3 main reasons: you introduced your dating service with a sense of humanity and professionalism; the quality of your site and your personalized services; and a good combination of quality and price. Almost immediately I came into contact with a young Russian lady, which I admired and her feelings were mutual. In 3 months, with the help of your translator, I was able to correspond every day in spite of a language barrier. I went to Russia to meet the lady of my choice in person. Today I would like to tell you about the great success of our meeting, which fulfilled all my dreams and hopes. It was an excellent adventure and the beginning of our love for each other. We decided to meet again and started to live together in July of 2001. I want to thank you for you help and kindness and invite you to our wedding. I will also recommend your agency to every man, who still has any doubts about international marriage agencies. I appreciate very much your real desire to see the union between Maria and Didier.

Good luck to you and your agency.

When I found your site I was very skeptical about meeting a great love but your site was so professional and interesting that I decided to try it. Very soon I realized that I made the right choice. During my correspondence with a few young ladies I soon found one, which I wanted to meet in person. It was love at first sight and we knew that it will last forever. We understood each other in spite of the differences of our languages. After I returned to France I started to prepare her visit to me. And today we are already married. My wife didn't speak French but after 6 months of being in France she is speaking my language very well now. There is a lot of tenderness, understanding and love between us. I want to thank you, because of your help, I met my sole mate and my "second half" and I am very happy. I sincerely think that "INTER-MARRIAGE" agency is the best marriage agency and you are doing excellent job. Western men are getting a good experience in communicating with foreign women and ladies from Russia and Ukraine are just wonderful. I want to tell all men who are still having doubts, that life with Slovenian woman is a very gratifying experience. They are very different from western women so I am sure that you will find your happiness like Olga and I did.
We got married on the 23 of December 2000. Our wedding was the last wedding in the old millennium in our district. My wife is living with me in Belgium. We are both very happy together and know each other better and better every day. I could never imagine that when I wrote my first e-mail that the results would be so incredible. So I have to thank you that you allowed me this opportunity to meet her and this became a huge turning point in our lives. Thank you and my best wishes to all the lonely soles that they have good luck in finding their "second halves" like I did.

Madam, I'm maintaining a serious relationship with one the young women from your site, which already removed her profile, please remove mine (or mark it "Engaged"). Thank you for your services.

Cordially, Franck.
Your system of meeting, in my opinion, is really perfect; once registered, all correspondence occurs by emails, in relationship to local agencies. I have many contacts thanks to your agency since the end of March: the ladies are very motivated and they are extremely kind. But the finale is not being in virtual reality: I will soon get together with some contacts by meeting them in person... Thank you for your seriousness. Of course, I will contact you again to let you know the evolution of my future meetings; in any case, I will not hesitate to recommend your agency to others.

Continue the good work.

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