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29 y.o. (Moscow, Russia), Ref #17673

Irina, Russia
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Irina, Russia
Irina, Russia
Irina, Russia
Date of birth:
Sign of the zodiac:
7 Leo
Marital status:
166 cm
53 kg
Eyes colour:
Hair color:
Light brown
Spoken languages:
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★★★ (5 of 5)
Head of selling, business trainer
Of course, the main of my interests are trips and languages. But also I am fond of sports, I play tennis, go hiking and even visit box :)I love cinema, especially Woody Allen, Tarkovsky, Polanski and Fellini. If to talk about music, I prefer rock, jazz and electronics.Despite the fact I live alone, I like to cook :) And, as I`ve already said above, I studied in broadcasting school, so radio and television are in my round of interests also. I have my own project in this sphere and I think that a part of my future life will be connected with media.
The main thing I can say about me - I have a passion for life :) After my childhood in a very small town, I started to study at a university in the central city of our region. I used to have some internships (in Greece, for example) during my study and also I used to work in a tour agency. So I started to see the world and understood that I want to get more. So after a study I moved to Moscow and now I live and I work there in an English school as a head of selling and as a business trainer. This work helps me not only to speak English but also to see the world and I have many business trips abroad. I have been to the USA, I have been to many European countries but I am sure it is not a limit) I like the fact my work gives me a chance to do everything I love. But at the same time, I have an idea to move abroad.
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30 y.o.
Age maximum:
50 y.o.
My wishes:
I have good English, so I am open to all kinds of contacts here, not only letters but chats and Skype also.I think that being sure that I will find my soulmate here - it is a little bit loud to say so. Of course, it would be wonderful if it will be so. And of course, like all the people here, I want to get it in my life.But if I will find some good friends here - it will be also very good.I am just trying and I am ready and open for new contacts.So let`s become acquainted and see :)


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