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30 y.o. (Rivne, Ukraine), Ref #16271

Nataly, Ukraine
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Nataly, Ukraine
Nataly, Ukraine
Nataly, Ukraine
Date of birth:
Sign of the zodiac:
8 Virgo
Marital status:
8 y.o.
168 cm
59 kg
Eyes colour:
Hair color:
Spoken languages:
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College (bac+2, bac+3)
Own business
Whoever you are: a teenager, an adult, a schoolboy or a businessman, anyway, you have something you like doing most of all. Hobbies make our life more colorful and they keep us occupied in our leisure time. And I believe hobbies help us both to relax and to develop. My favorite hobby is drawing. I started drawing when I was five. Drawing brings me real satisfaction. It is my own little world. Also, I like embroidering. Doing it helps me to relax and forget about everything. This is a very ancient Ukrainian craft, which almost every girl or woman knew how to do. The first pictures I embroidered were very simple, but they still hang on the walls of my flat. Even now I like to spend my time with that) Also, I can't see my life without a book. I love to read, learn something new and develop.
I am the person who loves to develop, to do something and in no case sit still. I love to be on the move and not to stop! After all, now life is a very fast thing and you have to keep up with that ! ) As Bob Marley used to say, "a smile is the main bend of a woman." I agree with this! A smile is my business card! I like to smile! Being gloomy is clearly not about me! I like communicating with people. I have rather an eager character, that is why I prefer an active lifestyle. I'm a sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman. I love my profession but family means a lot to me too. I love nice dresses, nice shoes and flowers! In that case, I feel like a woman!
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Age minimum:
29 y.o.
Age maximum:
48 y.o.
My wishes:
What should be a man, about whom I can say that he is a man of my dreams? Maybe it’s actually too late to think about it, because the time of dreams has passed. But I still believe in love. First of all, I appreciate three qualities in a man: mind, ability to solve problems and emotional warmth. He should be witty, love to joke and be the soul of the company. It should always be interesting and fun with him, because I am a laughing girl)) He is not ordinary, uncommon, he is free from stereotypes and patterns of behavior. Free in actions, feelings and thoughts. And finally - the man with whom I can build our happy future.


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